This page is dedicated to helping you find simplicity in your life, check out the people I follow for great advice, tips, tricks, other podcasts, products, services, and programs i ADORE.

This is a list of stuffs i ADORE only. All of these I have personally used and got some great informations from.

I hope you enjoy as I create this list for you…

From Mommacast #87 with Stephanie Dodd:

From Mommacast #84: with Katie Corcoran



UPDATE:  I just finished reading this awesome book by Andrea Owen today and I totally recommend it!! I will be doing a book review show on it soon!!

Click the picture to buy the book


Also get Women, Food, and Desire by Alexandra Jamieson

This is the paperback so the one I have is hardcover and looks different.  Wish I waited to get the softcover.. Enjoy and share your thoughts about these books!

One I’m reading now is:


PRE-ORDER this goodie:Let it Out A Journey Through Journaling- Katie Dalebout


The Mic i purchased to record my podcast:



Grab these goodies! Let’s share reviews!


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