Mommacast #100-Quit your job, get divorced, be grateful, and did you know men emotionally eat too??

So excited to have this dude on the show!

And it’s show #100!!

Dan is a father, husband, works full time and produces his podcast Save it for the Show with his brother in law Eddie.

I wanted to have Dan on again… he is a past guest. I learned more of his show after the Father’s Day series in June of 2015.  I was hooked because it was so real and raunchy.  Filled with stories from their lives, and about their wives…. that rhymed!

I became a binge listener of their show and now subscribed and am excited to listen each week.

I HAD to have my podcast celeb on my show again, in a whole new way.

We discuss so many things:

divorce, kids, body image, emotional eating, women in the eye of the public, and so much more!

Check it out and YOU MUST subscribe to his show if you are a mom….or a dad who need a pee in your pants kinda laugh


Check out Save it for the show!



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