Mommacast #97- Do you want to LIVE and WORK with SOUL and FIRE?

Today I spoke with an AMAZING woman… Laura Sprinkle, (I just love her name).

Laura is a SOULFUL SUCCESS COACH, So powerful and I can’t wait to share with you, her interview.

A little about this lovely lady:

Laura Sprinkle sparks success in aspiring leaders through soulful entrepreneurship coaching. She combines soul and systems in a way that makes marketing intuitive and fun and teaches people how to make more money and create a bigger impact on the world.
Some of what we chatted about:
How did you develop your intuition?
How do you know when it’s time to “spring clean” the teaching of others and go your own way?
What are some physical signs that you’re making the right choice? Wrong choice?
 Why do you think there has been a huge rise in female entrepreneurs?
How can entrepreneurship be soulful + feminine? What if someone doesn’t want to start their own business? How can they still incorporate these principles into their lives as stay-at-home moms or at their jobs?
You can connect with Laura below:

Free 21-Day Class called Passion, Purpose, Profit:
And her Soul Fire Mastermind:
Find Dan from Save it for the Show
Enjoy the show!

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