Mommacast #93- Do You Want to be your Best Self?

Today I Interviewed the lovely Samantha!

Written by the lovely Samantha:

My name is Samantha Hawley and I am 27 years old (will be 28 by the time we do this show!). I grew up near Buffalo, NY but am currently living in Boston, MA with my boyfriend of 6 years and have 2 pets!
I began my professional career right after obtaining my MBA as a Project Analyst for General Electric. I spent 5 years there working my way up in the organization, gaining responsibilities and traveling abroad. During that time, I was seeking an extra way to make an income and also get physically fit.
I decided to become a Beachbody coach and over the course of 2 years I became financially stable enough to leave my full time job at GE – which became redundant monotonous work. This past September I focused all of my energy on my fitness coaching business and now have a thriving team of coaches & hundreds of clients all over the US & Canada.


Some topics Samantha and I discuss are questions right from her listeners and I want to share with you too!

1. Which is better for weight loss: cardio or weight lifting?
2. What should I eat after a workout?
3. How important is the nutrition when you’re focusing on weight loss or building muscle.
4. Is it okay to have a cheat day?
5. What is the best ab exercise?

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