Mommacast #85- Pampered Goddess

Meet Seryna, the ORIGINAL Pampered Goddess

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and that was definitely true in my case. After spending months of neglecting my own self-care with long hours at the office, doing energetically challenging work (and not much in the way of fun), I suffered extreme burn out. I spent months in bed in the fetal position, crippled by anxiety and depression. It was baffling to me… how could I get here when I’d made a career out of helping others work through these very symptoms… and how could I not see the signs before it was too late?

I know all about the glorification of a busy life. I also learned the consequences of not slowing down, and ignoring your own intuition. I believe we are entitled to a happy life, free of overwhelm, and I believe a regular, self-care practice is how we get there. That’s what helped me on my journey to recovery.

Pampered Goddess is a project of love, created with the sole purpose of inspiring other women to use self-love and self-care rituals as preventative measures to avoid burn out and reconnect with their own divinity. It allows me to continue to be of service, to create events and workshops that enrich and empower women, and to maintain my own energetic balance while doing so.

I’ve completed a year of formal aromatherapy studies with the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy, and countless hours researching essential oils, crystals and other natural living supports. When not mixing up delectable essential oil blends, I’m sipping decadent teas (so much so that I sell them here), reading inspirational quotes or books, and finding new, vegan, gluten-free recipes to indulge in.

My (s)heroes include: Malala YousafzaiTaryn Brumfitt and Danielle LaPorte.

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Twitter: @goddesspampered
Instagram: @pamperedgoddess


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