Mommacast #84 Lady Hustler with Katie

Yet ANOTHER great show! Katie is so incredibly inspiring and you can see from her photo that she likes to have fun and kick ass in life.

My kinda girl, a lady hustler as she is called and is explained in her book “She makes it work”


Katie Corcoran is a work/life balance expert, Lady Hustler and brand identity advisor who believes in being multi-passionate and desire-driven. She is the author of She Makes It Work: A DIY Guide to Thrive in Your Hustle and works with businesses and personal brands to build platforms with desire, helping them get to the root of their “why” and assisting them with the “hows.” Katie is the co-host (alongside Andrea Hood) of Badass & Bare podcast, inspiring ear candy for the lady in flux. She is a 2012 graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, has a five year background in brand strategy, digital marketing & advertising.

She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY and can be found spending half her time sipping on a latte while listening to the latest hip-hop song, working away, and planning her next project. The other half, she enjoys escaping to the beach and the mountains where she resets and rewinds. For more info, visit: or email

LINK: She Makes it Work: //” target=”_blank”>

LINK: Badass & Bare:

LINK: Institute for Integrative Nutrition:

LINK: Katie Corc:

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