Mommacast #82- Live Life Fearlessly

On today’s show Susan shares her heart wrenching story of living life in fear and what she did to overcome it. Deep story lies within her and she is now here to share it with the world and help other women live their life without the fear.

This was such an amazing interview and give so much credit to Susan for being here to share her story and help others get to finally living their lives, without the fear and feeling of being a victim.

Some of what we discuss:

  • From Victim Story to Fearless Story
  • What is the one question that keeps you dating your victim?
  • Where do Fearless women find happiness?
  • What is the key to ditching your victim story for your Fearless Story?
  • How to take the first step into self-love?
  • What happens when you break up with your victim?


Find Susan here and here

THANK YOU for being here!

xoxo, laurenjean

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Winner will be announced on the pod Sunday April 3

Also PLEASE O PLEASE COME AND REVIEW AND RATE THE SHOW…. gets more exposure and helps more people.


xoxo, laurenjean

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