Mommacast #81 Sophia Wise-One Modern Medicine Woman

Sophia and I had such a fun talk!  This was actually our second time on the call as the first got all screwy and I could not hear her!!! AHHHH BUT I got a second chance to speak with the WISE- ONE and BOY did we have a great time!
Sophia Wise One is a fun and radical lady. She has been a facilitator and healer since she was a teenager. Practitioner of what she calls Shamanic Pelvic Floor Work, which is bodywork inside the vagina, and teaching people the skills to optimize thier healing, joy, and life.
We spoke a lot about MOONLODGING, do you know what that is?  I certainly did not, listen to show to get more info.
There has been a resurgence of Red Tents, Moon lodges, sacred bleeding ceremonies. There are intentional spaces to honor and discover the power of the menstrual time. They vary is format and belief structures.
The heart of what I do and what I offer and teach is ways to get connected to your body, and find your own way of listening to your body. As we do this there are themes that many women share. I will share a few tips on how to start your own sacred space for bleeding.
5 starter tips for you own “Moonlodge” 
#1) Lite a red candle or a candle inside a red tinted candle holder. Set an intention, such as: “I honor my body and this powerful time that mirrors all life giving cycles. I quiet with my breath to discover the wisdom that lies within.”
Or more spiritually: “I honor the power of my body as a bridge between the world of spirit and the world of form. I am aware of the mysteries and wisdom of the spirit world, I open to all it has to teach me and the ways it can heal me.”
#2) Set a timer and meditate for 20 minutes, 1 hr, or whatever you can or want
#3) Either you an old towel or purchase a beautiful thick red towel and sit on it allowing your body to “free bleed” flow without concern of mess, relax and give yourself permission to let go
#4) Tell your kids, DO NOT DISTURB unless urgent, put on a movie and go take a bath with candle light
#5) Put on a relaxing album and read or write starting with the prompt: “My sacred blood wants me to know…”
Website & email:
The free invitations she has on her website:
1) Video series with ebook and lots of info: “Tour of the Pelvic Bowl Video Series Training”


Order YOUR copy TODAY!  Releases April 5, 2016
xoxo, laurenjean

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