image For the men: Just listen to her, put the toolbox away

She comes home uncontrollably crying and there is nothing that can stop her. Or she wants to toss something across the room and may hit you, watch the fuck out.

Hey guys out there.I know you are a Mr. Fix it and love solving problems but I also know  you enjoy listening to your girl and you want to help her but here is a tip I am going to give you to save some time, energy and maybe a fight in the future, or even a shutdown.

Simple fact: When a woman is an emotional mess, crying or upset in anyway we just want the one we love to listen. Yes JUST listen.

Put away the tool box and band-aids.

It’s amazing the response you will get from your girl if you take the time to sit there and give her a head nod, an “i’m sorry that really sucks”, “I’m sorry your boss is an asshole”, or “come here let me hug you”.

It’s like magic! Women don’t want to be fixed because we are not broken, we are not a chipped piece of wood, or a closet that has fallen off the hinges, we are emotional beings, as you are but we physically show it in our screams, cries, may look depressed at times face.

It’s a fun fact that being a woman comes with showing our emotions on the outside and all we need is the loving support of the man we love. That’s all.

Take this to heart, really… and let me know how much better life is.

xoxo, la



  1. This isn’t just for the men women do this to. I can attest to that! Because depending on your environment it definitely happen, the perfectionist, hero need to fix it. I have that quality it’s hard to change but can be done. Self reflection is one way to know what makes you, you men and women alike can do this. 🙂 I’ve calmed down but still there. I have to keep telling myself not everything can be fixed and shit is what is it. Thanks for the share! Ps I just be a guy at heart too Lolol 😛


  2. This is a very huge problem among people I’ve known, and while I know that is true, it also needs to be said that different situations and different people call for different responses or lackthereof. A person coming home crying about her bad day, without a doubt needs a conscious listen. But the difference on what comes next really depends on who you’re dealing with. Most of the girls I’ve been involved with, preferred an input. But this wasn’t because they needed to be fixed or anything like that. It was because it proved that you really were listening. Not just nodding and agreeing. Even if you are listening, sometimes it gives off the impression that it’s going in one ear and out the other. Also, A second opinion is very important sometimes and for some people. It serves as an anchor to strengthen how their feeling and prove to them that they’re justified for feeling it, or it can show them that maybe they’re being irrational and that in turn will ground them. Different people call for very different responses, BUT, it all starts with knowing your lover and opening up your ears and actually listening.


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