Mommacast #78-Quitting Love is Not an Option

You’re not the only one with the feeling of being stuck in your relationship and in your love life. I know. 

I know this because every day I help women and men have a lovely sex life as well as incorporate more love, closeness and intimacy into their relationships. – Maj Wismann

Maj Weismann has worked with Danish couples in her clinic in Nyborg since 2006. Later on she went on to helping couples all over Denmark as well as the rest of the world through her online courses and workshops.

You can get access to her knowledge as a couple’s therapist and clinical sexologist through her articles, her online courses and through the free e-books which are all available to you on her site. Everything you find here is based on solid research; it’s tested and actual knowledge about love, relationships, sex life and solutions which all aid in helping you reach the results you dream of.

Find Maj here

Her free online course :

Get your sex drive back:

xoxo, laurenjean



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