image Dropping the F-bomb is stress relief

Having a potty mouth is not what this is about. But doesn’t it just feel wonderful to drop the f-bomb here and there? I bet you know the feeling i am referring to if this has happened to you by mistake in a fit of anger, hurt, or during an emotional breakdown.

So why do we  label this word as forbidden or bad? Why do we restrict ourselves from using it or any other “BAD” word?

Do you actually know what the word fuck means?

Here ya go:

verb (used with object) have sexual intercourse with.
2.Slang. to treat unfairly or harshly.
verb (used without object) have sexual intercourse.
4.Slang. to meddle (usually followed by around or with).
5.Slang. (used to express anger, disgust, peremptory
rejection, etc.,often followed by a pronoun, as you or it.)
noun act of sexual intercourse.
7.a partner in sexual intercourse.
8.Slang. a person, especially one who is annoying or contemptible.
9.the fuck, Slang. (used as an intensifier, especially with
WH-questions, to express annoyance, impatience, etc.)
Verb phrases
10.fuck around, Slang.

  1. to behave in a frivolous or meddlesome way.
  2. to engage in promiscuous sex.
11.fuck off, Slang.

  1. to shirk one’s duty; malinger.
  2. go away: used as an exclamation of impatience.
  3. to waste time.
12.fuck up, Slang.

  1. to bungle or botch; ruin.
  2. to act stupidly or carelessly; cause trouble; mess up.
13.give a fuck, Slang. to care; be concerned (usually used in the negative):

When it comes to politics, I really don’t give a fuck.
So after reading that it doesn’t seem like such a bad word does it? No. But when you use it in ways that may seem offensive to others, then yeah you’ll come off as an asshole.
So the key is to use it appropriately when it can be viewed  as powerful or maybe even funny.  This is my experience and its pretty fucking awesome… <—— see what I did there? hehe
Here is an awesome article in Forbes magazine titled “Use Foul Language to Relieve Stress and Pain.
a small clip from the article
Researchers at Keele University, in Staffordshire, England, had a group of hardy volunteers hold their hands in freezing cold water, first while swearing and then while emitting inoffensive phrases. When they used strong language, they were able to keep their hands in longer, and the effect was especially powerful among volunteers who didn’t ordinarily use bad words.
It is also said that people who curse are more confident and don’t hold back as much
Read this article from Elite Daily  It’s titled People Who Curse All the Times are Hotter, Confident, and Less Stressed.
a small clip from the article:

When we curse, we’re usually saying exactly what is on our minds, without fear of the repercussions.

It may come off as harsh, but if there is cursing involved, the message will be read loud and clear.

But, more importantly, curse words are some of the most beautiful words that can possibly be used in daily conversation.

Pretty cool and eye opening.
Since the beginning of my digging into my head journey I have been cursing a lot more and allowing myself to has made me all of the above… Feeling hotter, more confident and less stressed. And that was all before finding this article.
As I uncovered more and more about myself and eased into confidence i just found myself cursing more and tip-toe-ing less around people and my decisions. I don’t care if people don’t like it it’s who i have come to be, or better yet, who I’ve been hiding all these scared and unsure years.
So whose to say you shouldn’t curse? None but you, but if you want to drop the F-bomb here and there i say do it and enjoy it, it FEELS amazing!
And also why is it BAD? It’s not its just how most view it because of our stiff, prude culture.  I say fuck em make you happy dammit!
***Please just don’t do it at your kids school, work, or public functions. That would be inappropriate, remember we ARE in a judgmental society where even if you are a free soul, there are many who are not and those may have a higher power than you in certain places. Avoid getting fired or looking like the bad parent who says “my kid fucking rocks” in a parent-teacher conference.  Yea no good.
So take this info/experience as you would and go with what make YOU feel amazing!
Rock on
xoxo, laurenjean

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