image Love YOU like you teach your kids to love themselves

When is it exactly when we stop loving ourselves and move into shame, regret, and sadness?

We live in a world that is so judgmental about everything that it make me fucking crazy. It make me crazy because no one is void from it.  We all experience this in some way and is then ingrained in us for life, unless we do something to change the way we think.

Do you remember a point in your life when you started to question yourself? Am I good enough? Will people like me? What if they don’t like how I do this or say this or what ever you may be thinking. These are the things we worry about and why? Because we are human and every human wants to be accepted so you guessed it right… YOU ARE NORMAL.

Through all of my self-exploration in these past two years I’ve learned a bit about self-love and self-acceptance. I’ve also learned that It has rubbed off on my daughter in a major way that could possibly lead her into a life of loving herself and most importantly, loving herself first.

I really do believe that by treating yourself well, i mean extremely well it will transfer to your kids and how they treat themselves and how they portray themselves.  I feel it will create a fire under them to keep the confidence they need to lead a happy fulfilling life. I also have a  strong feeling it will give them a stronger personality to stand up for themselves in hard times and maybe put up with less shit in life.

Now you are probably wondering what I have been doing to show that love and acceptance to myself so I will share a few:

  1. No more fucking diets/detoxes/cleansing/obsessing about food and ingredients
  2. allowing myself to dress how I am comfortable, not how others would accept (i am comfy in yoga pants/tanks/hoodies/ sneakers
  3. i go make-up free most of the time(i believe my skin has this glow to it now that I am giving myself some sug-ah
  4. I take lots of baths
  5. I’m active, but only when Im feeling it, I allow myself to be lazy cause it make me feel rested
  6. always involved in a book or 2
  7. time for friends/food/drinks
  8. i do what I want, how I want without worrying how others will perceive me
  9. Stop asking people what they think, go based on your feelings, don’t let others opinions sway you (i used to do this all the time. I would get dressed up to go out and then suddenly feel like I wasn’t good enough)

Now I have no evidence except my personal life to show this nor am I going to try and dig some scientific crap up about it, I am just sharing my experiences in my life to help motivate you to start giving a shit about yourself because maybe, just maybe you’ll notice differences in your kids, and hey in the end that’s what we do as parents, we look out for our kids best interests right?

I asked my daughter a question a few weeks ago and it went like this… “Honey, who do you love the most in the whole world” She answers…myself mommy. Whoa what a moment I had as I felt my heart burn with excitement, happiness, and this weird feeling I couldn’t quite explain, but i’m pretty sure it was love. I wanted to cry with happiness but only a few tears came out and I grabber her and hugged her tight.

In the fall of 2013 when i enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition I thought I was going to school to learn about nutrition, and I did but my life has taken such a turn and then another turn and yet another turn all for the better.  I am so much more clear in life and I have been able to uncover numerous things about myself, such as my eating disorder, learning to let love in, drop the fads with food cause it only causes more distress and learning to focus on me and the life I want to create. So now I am here writing to you about MY experiences and how they can possibly help you.

This is what I want to do, help you grow, learn, and thrive to improve your life which in turn will improve the lives of others around you, and that to me is true self- love.

I would LOVE to hear your take on this subject, or maybe if you practice self- love with yourself, id love to hear what works for you minus the typical ways we are shown to use self-love. I love unique ways that work for YOU and what make YOU shine, please share below!

xoxo, laurenjean





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  1. Its kind of sad how this came about. But accepting yourself is one of the best things you can do. Awesome medicine right there! Once you have accepted yourself you can go to great heights I believe that now since I am in the same path. It’s extremely rewarding and you should be proud of yourself I know I am. Keep rocking girl!!


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