mommacast #75- Connect to your body

Wow what a great conversation with this lovely lady, Amber Leitz. She left me wanting more and I wanted to talk to her all day!

Amber Leitz is a Holistic Health & Sensual Embodiment Coach for women who feel disconnected from their bodies.

She helps them cultivate deep self-love from within so they can fully embody their sensuality, tap into their pleasure and harness their sacred, feminine essence.

She empowers women to come together and literally create magic and beauty in the world around them–usually with red wine, chocolate and rose petals involved.

After becoming a holistic health coach she realized through her own personal journey with awakening and embodying her sensuality that this was the missing key in what she offered to the women of the world. Her love of sacred rituals, Goddesses and the divine feminine allowed her to step into her full self as a Sensually Embodied Woman and to bring that sacredness into her offerings. You can learn more about Amber and how to become a Sensually Embodied Woman here. (

Find Amber here


Facebook page:


Listen to Amber below


xoxo, laurenjean



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