image Hugging your child is like learning to love yourself again

Oh my gosh, if you are a parent you know what I am talking about.  The FEELING when you hug your little human and all your worries seem to fade away…temporarily of course. It’s not like they disappear but wouldn’t that be great!

When I am frustrated, upset, pissed off or any other emotion that may be running wild in my head, if i get a hug and smell her hair, touch her face, or cuddle her I get this instant feeling of relaxation and happiness. It is amazing the bond between mother and child. It may be the same for a dad but that I am not so I don’t claim to know that feeling.  I just know that when I hug her I go into this alternate universe when it just becomes her and I in an embracing hug that I never want to go away…ever.

Sometimes all i need is a short hug and other times I crave longer hugs (I say crave because it is CRAVING, like i cannot go on without touching her on the face, smelling her, or getting my much needed hug) and in that case i have to give her a second count (Usually 30 seconds is as long as she can stay still but she surprises me a lot with an added 10-30 seconds). She is a kid and has lots to do you know. No time for an all day hug.

I am so fucking in love with my girl <——an appropriate place to use the word fuck, that’s how strongly i feel about this.

C’mon I know you feel that way too.

I consider this time my bliss time. My parents used to tell me you don’t know the feeling until you have one of your own and damn it is so true. I’ve never experienced love this way before.  It’s a totally different type of love than one you share with a husband, wife or partner. It’s….truly amazing and I would be lost without her.

xoxo, laurenjean





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