image Make Space for Desire

For a lot the words space and desire may not seem like they work together but for peeps like myself it is something I need.  It’s a feeling I get when I experience distance with someone I love, whether it be in an intimate relationship, one with my child, or with a close friend.

For some reason, one unknown I am extremely introverted.  I know you are probably hearing this word a whole lot lately if you read a lot of blogs or read books.  To me an introvert is someone who re-charges their batteries, lights their fire, or gets excited by spending time alone and away from those who love them and then bringing it to the outside world

I need a lot of space to really desire something. So maybe we should go over what the word desire means… It simply means you WANT it. If something is ALWAYS there for you, it doesn’t feel as special or desirable  in my eyes. Now if you are reading this thinking about your husband, wife, partner, or children, well yea this will be a harder thing to accomplish but there are ways to create desire. It’s a reason a lot of relationships fail, because the desire is no longer there (among other issues)

For the single mom such as myself who has time to spare, who has her kid half the time and boyfriend who i only see 2-3 times a week it is much easier. So yea have a lot of desire when I see him on Sunday nights or the feeling of extreme excitement when i pick up K from the bus stop every Wednesday at 3 pm.

What is life without desire anyways?  Boring, pointless, kinda depressing. I always have a desire for something because i know how to create the desire i know lies in my heart. I desire a getaway during the summer months so I plan my favorite trip with my family, camping.  The time leading up to the trip is exciting!

To create desire you may have to indulge in a little self-care, some time to yourself whether it be a weekend away with the girls, a weekend away alone, a night out with friends when you don’t normally do it without your partner, sending your hubby erotic text messages throughout the day to get your motors running, leaving little love notes in your loved ones lunch box, notes around the house for them to find, apps such as snapchat are great to peak interest and create desire in the mind,or anything else you can think of. (i’d love to hear your ideas)

Not everyone needs space for desire but for me, it works and when I don’t get it…well you don’t want to be around me…

So do you need space for desire?

let me know!

xoxo, laurenjean


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