image Create more time in your jam-packed day

I am so glad this topic came up again. It is something that I spoke about when i first started mommacast because i felt it was a super important topic in the eyes of a mom, or any parent. And now that it has been brought to my attention through the mommacast Facebook group that this is still an area of concern, i was happy to address it again AND i have some added tips!

Previous tips from the beginning of the pod

I made changes to my tips from last year, they are in BOLD along with an explanation


  1. Wake up an hour or 30 mins,( a lot can be done in 30 min) earlier and get the small things done (lunches, clothes out, shower before the rest of the house wakes up, workout, walk the dog)


  1. Fit in 30 minutes of a workout 2-3 times/week.I changed it from 30 min a day to 30 min 2-3/week because of the changes in my life helped me realized everyday is prob too much for most of us to handle, 2-3 times/week is more sustainable. Choose something you enjoy and only something you enjoy otherwise it WON’T stick


  1. Stop checking email all the time! 1-2 times per day (limit yourself so you are not consumed by the computer) There is no freaking reason you need to screw your eyes up and give yourself a headache from overwhelm due to obsessively checking the computer… okay?


  1. Put phone in another room or shut it off during work times or YOU times. (Just try it!) Or put it in airplane mode, or do not disturb so people will leave you the hell alone…my attitude has changed quite a bit, more real i think 😉


  1. Plan for the next day 3 things you want to accomplish and put it on a list. Our brain can only focus on 3 big or small and doesn’t it feel great to check or cross something off the list? Just do 3 okay? Ive tired more and I can tell you it don’t work well


and…dum dum dum


  1. Prepare for the next day in the evening or before bed , making more time in the morning for other things. You can make more time for OTHER thing in the morning if you do this!

Last years pod…give it a listen or just read the tips, but i think you should listen 😉

Bringing it back to episode #9


New rockin tips: (well it’s basically one amazing tip)

Think about if what you are working or focused on is on YOUR list of things to do for the day or is it on someone else’s list. We tend to have a plan for what is important to us for that particular day but them someone else swoops in and has something that NEEDS to be done today! Is it really urgent or is it just a bullshit way of them getting you to do something because they just don’t want to wait. Ask them how important this is and can it wait a day. See what they say.

People need to learn to be more patient and understand that YOU are not there to serve them, you are there to serve YOU first, then if you want you can help them out. 🙂


Thanks for being here with me, I APPRECIATE YOU! Again join us in the mommacast Facebook group here!


Please share this if you got awesome value out of it, I would love you even more!


Xoxo, laurenjean




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