image Inside Lauren’s Head (Part 2)

Today’s show is all me, being vulnerable, real, sharing my experiences in hopes of helping you realize what and if there is anything you want to change or better about yourself.

Below is a list of 8 things that I have learned since starting my journey back in July of 2015:

  • I have learned how to feel my feelings, go with them instead of hiding behind something in hopes the feeling goes away.
  • Ive learned that food and restrictions don’t have to rule my life, that I can eat whatever, whenever and I won’t die
  • Ive learned how to speak up in hard times even if I think it’s still hard
  • How to dig deeper into my own thoughts and unpeel more layers
  • How to de-clutter my brain
  • How to understand people better, get inside their head and be an amazing listener
  • How to be comfortable just being myself, no make-up or fancy outfits
  • How to deal with stress in my own way.

I really hope you get some good shit out of this this show and PLEASE share if you do!

email me and let me know!

today’s show below

xoxo, laurenjean




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