image 8 Ways to Play as an adult (just like a kid would)

When we hear the word play, we immediately think of kids. Kids play everyday without a thought. It’s just what they do.

So why do we stop playing when we are adults? The answer in my eyes is simple. Life.

Our insane life gets in the way and all we want to do is stay above water. From getting the kids ready for school, getting ourselves off to work, working a full day, homework with the kids, other activities, dinner, then bedtime routines can be torturous with children.

So there you go. Who the hell has time for play you say, right? I get it believe me but I see it differently. I see that If I allow myself even 2 minutes of playtime (stress-release) I feel so much better in a short amount of time.

This is such a simple way to improve your day and it doesn’t take long at all. There are many reasons why we play but for the purpose of today, it is to temporarily forget life and commitments and just “be”.

Who can’t use that? Allow yourself to be involved in something today that will make you smile or laugh.

Playing helps keep you feeling young. Why? Like I stated it’s what our kids do everyday. It help your brain work better.  I know that after I play for a few minutes I become more clear and productive. It can help other relationships in your life because you are a happier person and people want to be around happy, it’s contagious! Playing can also help you become more creative believe it or not.

So there are a bunch of reasons why you should make time in your crazy day to play for a bit.

My favorite thing that helps me while at work is bubble wrap!  It  lights up my brain and I get instantly happier.  I do work in a grocery store and the apples are packed in this awesome stuff.  I can say that I have handed my co-workers bubble wrap as well and they can’t help but pop it and smile.

So go play today!

A few ways to play as an adult (just like a kid) are listed below.  My daughter helped me compile the list.

  1.  Pop bubble wrap
  2. Color/Draw/paint
  3. Dance
  4. Make something pretty
  5. Play Dress up
  6. Play with your pet
  7. Blow bubbles
  8. Build with Legos/blocks

I really do hope you play today.

xoxo, laurenjean




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