image Migraine Relief with Lynne Wadsworth

40 PrintHey mommas!

Welcome to the show! Today I am speaking with Lynne Wadsworth from

Having been Board Certified as a Holistic Health Coach  (AADP) after training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Lynne now loves to use her knowledge and training by helping and supporting people in achieving their potential through healthy lifestyles that will impact their entire lives, including relationships, emotionally, physically, with stress, as well as other areas of life.

It is her desire to see people be in a healthy place in their lives, knowing that through her support and encouragement they can attain their goals and maximize their healthy living.

Having suffered from migraines since age 21,Lynne is especially empathic to people in a similar situation. Having found holistic help leading to a much more pain-free existence, it is her passion to help fellow-migraineurs find natural, effective remedies helping prevent and lessen the effect of migraines.

Lynne is the authored of “The Ultimate Migraine Handbook: An Holistic Approach to Pain Free Relief” and is a contributing author of “Menopause Maven: Master the Mystery of Menopause.”

Both are available on her Website at and through and

This is some of the stuff we chat about in today’s show

1.      What in her life has motivated to helping women with migraines and with related health issues?

2.      How have you found change in your own life that can benefit people who suffer with migraines and headaches.

3.      Do you only help people with migraines or, as a health coach, do you offer other natural and holistic help to people?

4.      Do you offer classes or Webinar on migraines or other topics.

5.      How do you see that health coaches fit into people’s lives and with the healthcare system?

6.      How has your life changed been since you graduated from IIN and have been working with clients?

Check out the show below and share with us your feelings and thoughts!

xoxo, laurenjean



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