image Mommacast #68- Journaling with Katie Dalebout

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Katie is a writer, mentor, and podcast host. She loves writing and speaking about holistic wellness, personal development, spirituality, and creativity on her blog, her weekly Podcast WWRadio, and in her daily life. She works with women who believe happiness is dependent on their physical body, relationship status, or career realize that it is actually within them and that external trappings of success are merely a byproduct of their internal state. She helps women develop a positive relationship with food and their body image by embracing a spiritual connection of their own understanding. Get her free Quick Start Guide here. If you’d like more inspiration from Katie visit her in Wonderland or on her Instagram ,Facebook ,Twitter, and YouTube.

GO HERE NOW to find out more about Katie’s up coming book “Let it Out”

Pre-Order it here:

I have already pre-ordered my copy and I’m psyched to get reading when it is released in April of 2016!

Enjoy the show!

xoxo, laurenjean

And also check out the Show I did with awesome chica and Katie’s mentor Isabel Foxen Duke..  This girl rocks!

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