image Change it up, be a rebel

Such a simple idea yet most of us spend the majority of our lives doing the same things each day without a thought. We just do, no thinking and no feeling.

About a month ago I was doing this exact thing. I drove to my daughter’s bus stop (in her dad’s neighborhood, I’m not a lazy fuck who just always drives, LOL) and parked the car near the same stop sign where I was hit the previous year and where I had always parked to drop her off and pick her up.

Well I was once again hit while in the car in the drivers side. I’m ok and my car has been fixed already but you would think I would maybe park somewhere else.. NOPE. I guess maybe I have too much faith in people? Nope again, I just go through certain motions without a thought or a feeling, like my parking habits at the bus stop. Silly I know.

Since I have been doing some MAJOR self-development these are the things that are coming more easily to me. I think more, i think more deeply and I question everything. It is taking a lot of time but WOW what a feeling. And face it we all do things to feel a certain way. Correct? I think so.

So I had this CRAZY thought this morning as I was pulling up to the bus stop. PARK IN A DIFFERENT SPOT! Such a simple thought can make you feel amazing and free.

So why am i sharing this silly change of thought with you today? Because you can apply it to any thought and any action in your life!

Try it and see how you feel. Are you just doing something because you have always doe it that way, with a simple thought as to why?

Change it up, be a rebel! You may find a better way of doing something in your life. You may create a better feeling, more time, ease of a task, getting rid of a habit you so deeply wanted to change.

It is all in our heads and we just need to simply free it up, change it up.

Change a pattern in your life, switch up your morning or bedtime routine, or take away something you are doing that you just don’t want to do anymore!

xoxo, laurenjean


One comment

  1. We tend to be creature of habits. I embrace change but sometimes you don’t realize the same things you do on a daily basis. So it’s good to realize that, even if ya something silly like parking in a different spot!


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