image Supposed to? WTF?

We hear this all the time.. If it’s something that we are supposed to do, I generally question it.

  • Like going to college
  • Like getting married and having kids
  • Like sending thank you cards- there are other ways
  • Like raking the leaves
  • Like being like every other fucking person just so you are accepted.

This to me is NOT the way I want to be and NOT the way I want to teach my daughter to live.

I feel like the majority goes by what is “supposed to be”. What will make the world happy. What will not make you stand out and be different?

I say fuck that. What will make me happy? I have grown a bit selfish over the years. Through 2 divorces and all the bullshit I have delt with in my life. I do not see being selfish as a bad thing, just as a way to say “hey this is me and I am here in my own authentic way. And no I’m not saying to be a bitch about about it.

I am not some prissy chick who is going to pretend to be someone I am not to get the guy I think is cute. If he doesn’t accept me he can fuck off and I’ll find someone who does accept my wacko personality and style.

Too many girls (in my opinion) try to win the guy based on what he likes. We need to teach our daughters how to be themselves!

Throughout my life I have never followed the crowd, I have always been different or tried to do things differently on purpose because I don’t want to be seen as the rest.

Examples of how I am unique:

  • I don’t watch the news- it puts negative thought in my head
  • I don’t read the paper- same reason as above
  • I’m not a girl who wears heels
  • I go out in public a lot without makeup and I’m COMFORTABLE
  • I allow my daughter to make a lot of her decisions so she can shape herself, not how I want her to be
  • I choose my crazy personality and run with it the best way possible. Yes it is hard to stray from the rest but the rush I get out of it is far better that fitting in.
  • I feel a lot younger because i am being who I am meant to be (and I get told it a lot too)
  • I use my ways to help moms in my podcast 
  • I don’t try to be the boring adult that i am not
  • I have crazy thoughts and I share them
  • I sing and dance at work (yes i work my ass off and love my job)

I was doing some research on this post post before I wrote it for things that we are “supposed to do” and WOW did I disagree and that shows that there are so many views in the world.  Maybe I see mine as a view that has evolved over time.

This post said its about self- discipline. I saw it differently, i saw them as saying you were supposed to do these things because its good for you but tell me this… How the fuck is something good for you if you despise doing it? Isn’t that just creating negative feeling in your  mind and causing stress? Duh

I do my best to be myself and by being myself that doesn’t mean mindlessly doing things to make others happy or to not rock the boat.

To conclude this rant of mine I want to thank you for your eyes and I hope you got a laugh or two OR started to view things a little differently today.

xoxo, laurenjean






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