image Mommacast #66- Inside Lauren’s Head

Wowzer (as inspector gadget says) it’s been quite awhile since I last updated you on the crap i’ve been uncovering about myself. It’s pretty fucking cool what you can accomplish in less than 6 months if you dig deep into your soul and mind.

BTW- I’m feeling pretty free and happy after the 1 drink I just had.  Why am I telling you this??? Because I’m real and I share 🙂  Simple as that. And it doesn’t take much drink-wise to happy me up.

Anyways the reason for this post tonight is so that I can share the thoughts and experiences I have been having since discovering my orthorexia. Yup there is a lot I want to share. There is alot you can figure out about yourself simply by allowing it to happen.

So the things I have learned:

  • Exploring sexuality…shit and having fun!
  • Saying no to people
  • I curse a lot and love the feeling i get

2015-11-27 20.52.21

  • Being comfortable in my own skin
  • Uncovering MY relationship issues (the made up ones in my head)
  • I am more relaxed (probably because Im doing all the above and all the below)
  • the ability to put all the focus on my daughter when she is here and on nothing else
  • Almost stopped all label reading
  • Started enjoying my coffee with the creamer instead of seeing it as “BAD”
  • I’m more open minded to everything
  • I workout how and when i want now
  • Stopped with creating goals so i am not limited and focus on that and only that

This is just a quick list I made, but probably the most important since they came to me first.


thanks for reading/listening…

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