image Mommacast #64- Not Your Average Fitness Coach, Sara Beisel

Sara was born and raised in Bucks County, PA.  She has  dealt with being overweight since she was about 11 years old.  Her parents divorced that year and then inevitably puberty was beginning.  She gained weight and learned to use food for comfort.  She would eat for any reason.  If she was happy, if she was sad, if she was upset or even if there was something to celebrate, she always ended up at a restaurant.
As Sara matured and grew into a woman, she always saw myself, in her mind, with an average body type.  She didn’t think that she was that overweight.  She kept living her life in the usual way that she would have because of this denial.
She was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes when she was 19 years old.  19 years old.
It was only until late last year that Sara started becoming her weight.  She started to become depressed when her health issues progressed from not just diabetic, but to being uncomfortable when sitting on the floor or getting sick in the middle of the night while shewas asleep.   That’s scary.
She ended up in the hospital early 2015 with other weight associated health issues.  Sara decided enough was enough in April.  She started going to the gym, no matter how uncomfortable she was working out in front of others.
She started dieting and eating what she thought was a correct diet.  In July Sara started the 21 day fix and drinking Shakeology while doing the home workouts.  This nutrition guide has aided her in losing 50 pounds and gaining a ton of confidence.
She  have also been taken completely off of my injectable insulin because of my weight loss.
She signed up as a coach in August because she had a LOT of people who were interested in knowing what was working for her so well, she now has her Facebook page, Sara Beisel- Not Your Average Fitness Coach, with lots of people who follow her and her journey.  Sara’s page provides inspiration, motivation, recipes and the occasional workout video.
Another important factor n Sara’s my journey is her son.  He is the real reason she decided to get her act together when it came to her health.  She wanted to lead by example and she was being a hypocrite.  She exercises and workouts with her son.  They talk about healthy foods all the time and she tries to include him in everything she does along the way her journey because he is her biggest motivation.
Sara’s contact information is below:
Email address:
xoxo, laurenjean

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