image Walking…the new workout…and its good enough

Before I get into the meat of this post I want to announce that each Thursday I will be putting out a new blog post.

Why I am telling you this? Simply because it’s a way to keep myself accountable and on a structured schedule.  Also for those of you who read my shit, its better for you to know when something new will be out.

Now keep in mind this only relates to blog posts NOT podcasts.  Podcasts will remain Sunday mornings and every other Friday will be REAL TALK with Lauren and Val.

So now to get into this…Lately I have been learning a shit ton about myself through exploration, reading and talking and walking.. Yes walking… I walk a few times a week with Val my gal pal and now recently I have adopted another lovely lady to walk with, just today actually.

Not may people think of walking as a form of “workout”.  Hells yea it is!! It’s a great way to get your sweat on at the same time engaging in deep meaningful conversations.  Sort of a therapy, cause we all have stuff to talk through.

I am training my body and brain to take these walks and this is also a time where I can set my mind free and talk about anything and everything.

I love that having someone to walk with inspires me. I love listening to a story, a problem, or an ah-ha moment someone has. Sometimes all us women want is to chat it out with a friend. We are not looking for pity or to have someone else solve our issues at all.  It just feels great to be heard and to speak our own mind. But remember to be an active listener while its your turn to listen.

Being heard is an issue that a lot of people have.  They feel they are NOT being heard so feelings of frustration, anger, disappointment, and so much more come about. Most times when you are trying to get feelings out, at least for me….. it’s with my partner. I’ve discovered that is not always the best way.  I have more success in feeling better when I am spilling my guts to my walking buddy.

I find that a lot of the time on these walks I discover something new about myself and not because the circumstances have changes but simply because I am speaking out loud to someone who cares enough to listen.

Simple as that!!

OH…. and don’t discount that walk you did and think you need to now hit the gym.. Walking certainly counts but if you still WANT to hit the gym for a class or something fun by all means do it, but not because you feel you have to.

FYI- I have not been to a gym in over 6 months, it does nothing for me anymore, and I used to be a personal trainer…


xoxo, laurenjean



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  1. True that! Even though I know my aggressive workouts, and you know I do. I don’t feel like I have to do them as much as I use to. For instance, today I just did some stretching aka an active workout day. And I was totally fine with that. My workouts have calmed down a lot since coming clean and talking. I love our walks and we have lucked out with the weather girl!!! Can’t wait for the walk this weekend and keep up the awesome blogging!!


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