image A weekend away

So I decided to venture off into NYC for the weekend…

So far I have walked a shit ton due to the fact that I took the train in from Long Island and decided to walk down to where I am staying as opposed to taking the subway.  In my case so you know, i always get lost. I ended up on the east side and I went so far that I had to walk up the West Side Highway to get back to the right spot.  Holy walking in comfy boots!! This was not a good thing. Comfy boots are only comfy for a short period of time then shit it hurts!  Anyways….

So I walked, then I went to Trader Joe’s which is right around the corner, came back read some of my book, cooked an awesome dinner and recordered another show with my gal pal val on an intro to sexuality!! ——-Teaser

Now today is Saturday, it’s a beautiful morning in New York so I jumped out of bed at 7am naturally and decided to take a walk in the Park.  Podcast in ear, coffee in hand, and freezing as i walked.

I really got lost in my head while walking through Central Park and started to realize that life is pretty fucking cool and YOU have the choice to make it that way or not.

I am a single working mom who spends my time working full time, podcasting, with my daughter and family , and with my guy.  So you say you have no time to spare?

I call BULLSHIT.  I made the time, because i made it my priority.  I make myself a priority, YES it took time but in order to stay sane and happy but its what we need to do!

If you are going to live a happy and healthy life and spread that to your kids, you need to show them you value yourself. I explained to my daughter that I would not see her this weekend because mommy needed some time alone.  She was sad but understood.  Explain to your kids that you take care of yourself and in order to care for them, you need to be your best.

2015-11-14 10.55.20

xoxo, laurenjean



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