image Mommacast #62- Women, Food, and Desire- Alexandra Jamieson

This was an amazing interview with a lovely lady! She has so much experience and insight to help us all achieve a better life for ourselves. I had a great time discussing her new book Women, Food, and Desire today and I KNOW you will want to go grab it too.

Alexandra Jamieson was the co-star and co-creator of Super Size Me, the Oscar nominated documentary that shook up our fast food nation in 2004. Alex is a best-selling author, functional nutrition and life coach for women, positive psychology practitioner, podcast host, and “cravings whisperer.”

She has been seen on Oprah, The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Martha Stewart Living, CNN, Fox News, USA Today and People . Alex delivers inspirational keynote speeches and workshops around the globe, and was declared Elle Magazines Coach for January 2015.

Alex’s Podcast, The Crave Cast, debuted at #1 on iTunes in Alternative Health and continues to draw listeners from around with world with new perspectives on health, cravings, and sexuality with top expert interviews.

Her latest book Women, Food & Desire hit #1 on Amazon on several lists including Popular Psychology – Sexuality, and was the #1 New Release in Spirituality + Self-Help on Amazon. Also chosen by as the top non-fiction winter book, and as 1 of 12 books to help you through a tough divorce.


Her book, courses, podcast, and blog guide the reader to embrace their cravings as their allies, make peace with food, and reclaim their body.

This was such an important interview and an exciting one as well. Alex invites us all to take her crave quiz so grab it here and you will receive a report in your inbox!

Listen in now!

Also check out this TED Talk with Alex..

xoxo, laurenjean


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