image Prepping for 2 Podcast Interviews Tomorrow

Hey ya’ll!!

I am right now prepping for 2 awesome interviews tomorrow morning.  I am super excited! First I start my morning routine by getting my little girl ready for school and then I come home from the bus stop and do my thing and then I have an interview with the lovely Alexandra Jamieson.  She is an author and functional nutrition coach.  She is also part of the documentary Super Size Me.  In this Interview Alex and I will be discussing her amazing book Women, Food, and Desire.


I am on my THIRD time of reading this book and when I picked it up for the first time it was due to a podcast I had heard and I am sorry I cannot remember which one!! BUT it lead me to buy her book and start listening to her podcast the Cravecast and I now am addicted to it. Check this girl out!

After Alex I will be interviewing a guest I previously had on the show, Laura Ghedina and we spoke about emotional detoxing.  By far the most popular show I have done yet.  It was great so I wanted to bring her back on.   We will be speaking about emotions and the pressures food brings to use during the holiday season.

Have questions for these lovely ladies?  Drop a line below!

xoxo, laurenjean



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