image 10+ Ways to Feel Good About Yourself After a Break-Up

UPDATE:  OMG I just realized I never attached the show to this post!! AHHH I apologize and here it is….


This topic came so clear to me, I’m not sure why but I just had to cover it. I think it can help a lot of women out there who go through a rough time as I did a bunch of times, including 2 divorces…

  1. Make a list of activities YOU truley enjoy doing
  2. Make friend time again if you have gotten away from this
  3. Start a blog or a private journal
  4. Join an online community for people going through what you are or find a meetup in your area
  5. Take up a new hobby
  6. Start a self-care practice- baths, walking, fitness classes etc.
  7. Simplify your belongings to what you ONLY need and want
  8. Create new goals for your new life, but for a short time, maybe a month, to not get overwhelmed
  9. Start a detox
  10. Make a list of things  you LOVE about yourself
  11. Listen to episode #12 – How Divorce Drastically changed my life

Thanks for listening and BYE!

xoxo, laurenjean


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