image Mommacast #57- 3 Ways to Ruin Your Health (that you are probably already doing)

Hey all!!

The below is a list of simple things that I KNOW most of us do in attempting to improve our own health…

1.reading everything you can get your hands on
2.restricting food/self diagnosing
3.comparing yourself to others

In a world where we are surrounded with media it is extremely hard to not be influenced. It’s human nature to want to look and feel good as well as be accepted by others. Even if we say we don’t care we really do and our actions show it loud and clear.

In my experience there have been 3 things I have done (and i know I’m not alone) to ruin my health when in fact I though I was improving it.

The first thing is reading and watching everything I could get my hands on. I would find myself reading blogs and watching videos and subscribing to newsletters from anyone that had something good or new to say. It became out of control and overwhelming and before I knew it I had wasted hours and days.

The second thing is restricting certain foods or diagnosing myself with issues I probably never had. I became obsessed with thinking I had a health issues that I could solve on my own because I’m anti-doctor and medications, which is still party true and i’m working on that.

If you find that this is how you are with food….

The third thing is comparing yourself to others. I know with me I have a body image issue that I’m working on. When i’m getting ready to go out with friends or my guy I will get dressed up and look and feel great but then just as i’m ready to walk out of the door a horrible feeling hits a lot. Like i’m not good enough or I suddenly feel bad about myself. Then when I finally tell myself to just leave the house and get to where I am going and see the other girls there I am internally comparing myself. Why? I don’t even know. Something Im looking into.

Just because I am a health coach does not mean I have it all together. Far from it. I just have the skills and the knowledge to help others realize what I know, to be aware of their thoughts and feelings but I still work with a coach myself. No one is perfect in anyway and I feel that we could all use someone, a coach, or a friend to open up to and have listen.

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xoxo, laurenjean


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