image Mommacast #7- 6 Things you can do to MAGICALLY create more time in your day

Hey and welcome to 6 things you can do to MAGICALLY make more time in your day!

I am so happy you are here! Thank you! Please leave a review and rating to show your love and appreciation that would make me SOOOO happy!

Anyways, I like to make the notes simple and quick to read though because I know we all need more time….ahem, this weeks podcast J

So lets just get down to it!

1. Wake up an hour earlier and get the small things done (lunches, clothes out, shower before the rest of the house wakes up, workout, walk the dog)

2. Fit in 30 minutes of a workout each day. Choose something you enjoy and only something you enjoy otherwise it WON’T stick

3. Stop checking email all the time! 1-2 times per day (limit yourself so you are not consumed by the computer)

4. Put phone in another room or shut it off during work times or YOU times. (Just try it!)

5. Plan for the next day 3 things you want to accomplish and put it on a list. Our brain can only focus on 3 big or small and doesn’t it feel great to check or cross something off the list?


6. Prepare for the next day in the evening or before bed , making more time in the morning for other things. You can make more time for OTHER thing in the morning if you do this!

Thanks for being here with me, I APPRECIATE YOU!

Please share this show if you got awesome value out of it, I would love you even more!

Xoxo, laurenjean


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