image Mommacast #5- Make Dinner Simple- Tricks to get everyone to eat the same thing

Hey Mommas!

Surprise! Glad you found this special episode!

Did you know that getting the whole family to eat the same thing doesn’t have to be a TASK?

Are you used to having someone not want what you are making… a kiddo? Yup, same here

Well, make it easy on yourself and FUN for the family!

Choose a protein and either pan cook it as a breaded chicken tender plain (no seasoning) or bake it with or without breading.

Next choose your veggie(s) and boil it or bake.

Then collect your families favorite seasonings, herbs, spices, dressings…whatever!

Let them make their own concoction and each person can have a different taste and choose what they want

Make the kids feel special because they can make their own meal.

This is both exciting for the kids anf EASY on you!

Let me know how this turns out!

xoxo, laurenjean


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