image Mommacast #5- How to Lift your Mood Naturally

Welcome back! Below I have listed the ways I described in the show on how to make over your mood naturally. Originally I said 10 ways but I went way over that list and beyond! So here ya go…my list that went on and on!

I believe it to be super helpful so enjoy!

Make over your mood Naturally!

v Getting a good nights sleep
v Let the sun shine in
v Play with furry friends
v Make yourself smile
v Eat more chocolate
v Get Creative
v Exercise regularly
v Repaint a room or makeover a room
v Human touch
v Sing a song or dance around
v Don’t overschedule
v Change up your eating style
v Take care of your health
v Avoid Alcohol
v Maintain a Daily Routine
v Telling people how you feel

All of these if not a few of them will lift your day and make you feel confident which in turn will make you feel great. So go ahead and try a few, share your experience and post here!

Xoxo, laurenjean


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