image Mommacast #43- 8 Ways Im Improving my Diet Mentality

I have been doing so much work, so much digging, so much to try and understand why I do what I do..

Below are 8 ways I’ve been improving my diet mentality:

1. Digging deep into my emotions and starting to make connections

2. I am discovering what I am afraid of and facing it.

3. Talking with a friend on a weekly basis on person and daily through text

4. Using evernote to journal

5. Questioning myself each time I grab something to eat

6. Addressing food triggers

7. interviewing coaches for the show

8. Teaching myself to listen to my body, when I am hungry.

These simple tips can get you started, even if you just choose just 1…do it, youll be happy you did!

xoxo, laurenjean

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