image Mommacast # 23- #29

Below are 7 episodes I did in honor of Father’s Day. I interviewed 6 Dad’s and they each provided wonderful insights!!

So this is a very special series where I interviewed dads for Father’s Day.

I was curious as to what dads believe is a healthy and happy family.

I also got into some other questions related to family and what makes it important and strong as well as what they want for their wives to make them happier.

So many similar answers and their stories were powerful and touching.

#23- Mark

#24- Brandon Bunch

Please check out Brandon’s podcast which will be releasing this Father’s Day… As Good to Great and contact Brandon at

#25-Joel Sharpton

You can find Joel @therogueslife on twitter, or check out his 2 podcasts…. Me and the geek and pod on pod.

#26-Dan Fields

You can find Dan’s show at

#27-Tom Swan

You can find Tom at and

#28-Jeff Meacham

You can find Jeff at twitter and instagram @Jeffmeacham, Check out ABC’s Black-ish Season 2 coming Wednesday January 23, Nickelodeon’s The Thunderman’s and Open Sky Fitness Podcast.

#29- John Butera

You can find John on facebook @ JohnButera-Comedian

Contact him at facebook to find the latest shows on Long Island or in Manhattan or if you are in need of a fundraiser also look for the movie he was in called Fair Market Value in 2016

This was a great series!

xoxo, laurenjean


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