image Mommacast #20- 8+ Ways to keep Fit while with the Kids

8+ Ways to Keep Fit while with your kids:

Ok… I’m going to keep this simple for ya’ll!

Lists I feel are the best ways for you to read and scan, since we don’t have too uch time to read much these days…

So here are my NO EXCUSE ways to keep fit while with the kiddos:

1. Walking…strap that kid into the stroller and walk in the morning, while he is napping, or after dinner as a family.

2. Dance around the house like a fool and have fun!

3. Get dirty in the garden while kids get dirty playing in the yard.

4. Go for short sprints, or race with your kids

5. Set up the front lawn with games

6. Enter a walk or run for charity as a family

At the park:

7. Squat while swinging you child

8. Step ups on a bench or on the playground

9. Use the monkey bars

10.Walk the perimeter while your kid plays

11. Lunges in place or walking

12. Bring a jump rope

13. Pushups (on a bench or a bar)

14.Bring a ball and start a game of kick ball


15. Indoor/At home workouts- beachbody videos or other videos.

Why am I loving at home workouts?

1. No need to travel to a gym- save more time

2. A gym schedule doesn’t dictate your routine

3. No gym member ship needed

4. You don’t need to care about how you look

5. The germs in your house are your own, no sweaty equipment

xoxo, laurenjean


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