image Mommacast #19-Is your Identity Yours or your kids?- Take back your own personality

Are you no longer your own person? Do you allow yourself to be consumed by your child? Have you lost your identity and you don’t know who you are anymore?

You are not alone! I get it! Been there done that momma.

We are not just moms, we are women too…

Try to stay away from using your baby’s name in social media or in your email address. Remain yourself. Don’t fall into the category of the mom who stops taking care of herself..

Listen back to the first episode where I stress about what this podcast is all about. Being yourself, having wants, needs, and desires.

Do you want to be yourself? Its okay to consume yourself with your baby, we are moms and this is what we do but don’t forget who you are.

What are your want, needs, and desires?

Who are you?

Lead by example for your kids so they too grow up to be a strong confident individual who also takes care of them selves…

Xoxo, laurenjean


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