image Mommacast #18- 10+ Ways to Save Money and Still do a lot this Summer

This is an episode from this past summer BUT you can still apply to any time of the year!

There are so many ways you can save money and still do a lot this summer with or without the kids!

You can cut corners an learn your own ways too!

Below is my simple list…USE IT! SHARE IT!!

9 Ways to Save money and still do a lot this Summer with or without the kids:

1. Groupon

2. Invite friends over for a BBQ and ask each to bring a dish or drinks

3. Setup a picnic with friends and kids at a local beach or park

4. Invest in park or beach passes for the year and bring your own food and drinks

5. Drink less alcohol! Drink more water or sparkling water when going out

6. Eat something at home before a day or night out and order a salad with protein for a less expensive entrée

7. Read more to save yourself from boredom and prevent shopping sprees

8. ONLY buy clothes when you need them

9. Stock up on sales at grocery stores.

10. Vacations…

a. Find out the rewards you have on your credit cards and use them

b. Find travel deals on Groupon

c. Avoid buying gifts for people when you are on vacay

d. Don’t buy gifts for yourself at every stop.

e. Stock up your hotel room with water and snacks your buy at the local grocery store

f. Make lunches to bring while at the beach or relaxing place so you don’t spend wasted time and money .

XOXO, laurenjean


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