image Mommacast #14- Visualize your Thoughts

A surprise powerful episode! Welcome!

This idea just hit me as I was going through my closet cleaning and my vision board fell on me.

BOOM instant idea…a vision board sharing and episode..

I will go through again the words that are on my board and the tools you need to create one for yourself.

A wonderful project to do with or without the family on a rainy day or a day you are feeling creative or just need some inspiration.

Some words on my board are:

“it’s ok to play”

“Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it”

We can solve our problems together.



Live Simply

Be the example



She gets what she wants


Lauren ❤ Jason

As a family

“Every time you record a victory, your brain changes the goal post of what success looks like”

Be so good they CAN’T ignore you

Those are just some of my board words and phrases.

What you need to make your own vision Board:

Scrapbooking materials of any kind- stickers, embelishments, colored tape, markers, colored pencils, metallic markers, crayons, and a nice big piece of foam core or mat board, scissors, etc

You can use old magazines to cut out words or quote from- I used Live Happy magazine

This was such a FUN project!

Please share if you have made one or after you create yours! Id love to see it!

xoxo, laurenjean


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