image Mommacast #11-What are Probiotics and why do I need them?

Hey mommas!

Todays topic…is probiotics!

This word has become more and more popular in the mainstream and you find it popping up on products in the grocery stores now.

Today I will tell you what a probiotic is, the key benefits of probiotics, where to find a reliable source and the top probiotic foods.

Did you know that a healthy person should aim to get at least 5 billion bacteria delivered to their intestines on a daily basis?

Did you know that most people don’t get anywhere close to that and some don’t even take probiotics at all because they have no idea why they would even take probiotics?

Well, this is what you will learn with me today. Make sure you can concentrate through todays show so you can pick up on all the information, but if you can’t thats fine because you will find it in the show notes as well.

So lets dive in!

Probiotics are a pathway to a happy tummy. Yup you hear that right, a happy tummy. So many of us are running around everyday with digestive issues and some of us are unaware that the symptoms we have ARE digestive issues.

The digestive system is packed full of good bacteria that supports your immune system. Without this good bacteria your immune system cannot provide you with digestive support.

Okay now there are words that are often thrown around by people you know and even the media at times and the word probiotic just happens to be one of them which is why I chose to do a podcast on this subject.

I want you to stop getting the wrong information and listen up closely.

The word pro-biotic simply means “for life”

If a product claims to be a probiotic it must contain active live cultures. It must be able to live and thrive in your gut as well as replicate to create more good bacteria.

Did you know that there are hundreds of species of living bacteria living in your gut keeping it healthy? Yes research has identified hundreds of different species and this is super important to keep your immune system healthy. There needs to be diversity in these species so that one particular species doesn’t take over and cause you problems

Not all bacteria is bad. This is a common misconception. Sometimes you may feel something kinda weird going on in your body and you know something must be wrong.

Did you know that taking antibiotics can kill these good bacteria? Yea! So when taking any antibiotic you need to make sure you are replacing the good bacteria that is getting killed off.

I can’t stress this enough, that if you or your child is taking antibiotics you should absolutely be taking a high quality probiotic. If you don’t you can cause potential digestive issues which then can lead to any issue earlier or later in your life.

Be aware that this is not something your doctor tells you when they are giving you a prescription so you will need to take this on yourself when you are deciding whether or not to fill the prescription.

Now also know that it is normal to have some bad bacteria along with the good. Together they work together to maintain healthy gut functions.

How do you find a good probiotic? Sure I know you will be asking this so Ill tell you!

You can find naturally occurring probiotics in some foods like yogurt(not the sugar filled ones, plain full fat yogurts are best, you can add a little raw honey, cinnamon and maybe a bunch of wild raw blueberries), kefir, raw sauerkraut, or kimchi.

Now you can add these into your everyday diet because they naturally contain the good guys but you should also take a supplemental probiotic as well.

Why? because only a small amount will survive in the harsh environment which is your acidic stomach.

Now I know you are wondering what makes a good probiotic, since Ive been talking about it for so long…

I’m going to tell you!

They should be refrigerated! Why? Because they need to have a reasonable shelf life and they should be stored in a dry state.

It should be in a capsule so that it survives your stomach acid as it passes through the stomach to the less acidic intestines where it can grow and thrive to benefit your gut health.

It should contain a wide range of healthy bacteria because only 1 type of bacteria is not enough, there must be balance like i mentioned before.

Think about this there is estimated to be 10 times the number of cells in your body, or around 10 trillion organisms.. thats a whole lot! This is why a consistent dose of probiotics over time is crucial to having an impact in your gut!

A healthy person should be getting at least 5 billion bacteria sent to the gut daily!

Some key benefits of probiotics are Maintaining a healthy gut, support digestion,keep the bad bacteria from causing your problems, provides super important nutrients.

Some top quality probiotic foods are dark chocolate preferably 80% and higher, yogurt(no added sugar and with active live cultures), kimchi, kefir, and miso.

I want to thank you for listening in once again and I hop you got some great info out of today because I know its a question a lot of people have asked and others just wonder about. Now you know!

xoxo, laurenjean


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