image Mommacast #10- Mother’s Day Special


This week I wanted to share something that I did, something I know is going to make someone’s day, especially mom…when she receives it.

It’s also something that I know would be beneficial for you to do for someone and also beneficial for yourself.

It’s a love letter. Yes, a love love letter.

A love letter can be written to anyone you love, admire, or appreciate.

Maybe you are going through a tough time with this person and need to take yourself back to when all was wonderful. You can begin to reminisce and remember why you have this person in your life. Maybe you just want to make someone feel good, or maybe you are feeling down and by doing this will bring your spirits back up.

You don’t even have to give them this letter, but you will probably reap more benefits for yourself and of course the other person will if you do.

And remember, people love to get mail. It makes them feel special. So remember that If you intend on mailing it, like I’m going to do

Sort of a therapy you can call it.

Now I love this idea but I cannot take credit for it. I was listening to a podcast by Chalene Johnson and she does this often. So I downloaded the template, set some quiet time and got a writin’

Below is the template you can use and its quite simple and quick..To the point

6 Step Love Letter Template:

1. Start with why you are writing this today.

2. List 1 quality that others may not see about this person and why it is important to you. romantic love letters between spouses or partners can include physical qualities or you can mention an important character trait.

3. List 1 thing you know is important to this person. List a specific example and why you admire or love it.

4. Recall a time in the past where you can reference the qualities mentioned in #2 or #

5. Reference something about the future(together) that has you encouraged or excited to share with them.

6. Mention one very tiny, perhaps overlooked action or behavior that makes you smile and how it makes you feel

So did this spark any interest? Im curious.

If you are going to do this exercise please hit reply and tell me!

Taken from Chalene Johnson!! Love her stuff and had to share

Chalene Johnson’s love letter podcast

xoxo, laurenjean


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