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Mommacast- Be Unstoppable in Under 5 minutes:

Hey all!

Quick tip from me on the spot.. It just came to me as I was driving..

I never let anything get in my way, and maybe that’s just my personality but I wanted to share with you how I do ALOT of things.

So many things may seem impossible but its all in your mind.  If something is worth it and you don’t know how to go about it, you find a way.

Talk to others, research, find a way to get it done.  You will feel amazing and accomplished and you will realize that life can be wonderful!

If you could live life accomplishing your goals and dreams, how would you feel? What else would you do? Would anything stop you?


xoxo, laurenjean


Mommacast- Defining You

Hey ya’ll! Welcome back! I am so delighted to have you here once again. This is officially the first episode and we will start by defining ourselves clearly so that you can be clear from the start and not have to try and figure it out later. I am going to have you REALLY think and write down(if thats an option for you at the moment) things about yourself that you are already aware of but that will help you grow and learn with BECAUSE they are about you.

Sometimes it is helpful to us to make it clear by writing down things we already know, things that we can go over and over time and time again to reassure ourselves that YES this is ME!

Sometime we get lost in everyday life and forget what our true self actually is, so by writing it down, it helps the brain retain it better. For a lot of people they retain information best visually. I know I do and if you are a creative person, most likely this is you to. But we all have different learning and remembering techniques so if you feel you can skip this, by all means do it!

So lets jump right in and re-discover ourselves! Its going to be fun! I want you to think and think clearly so i hope you slept well, and are feeling excellent!

SO….What do you love? What are some things about yourself that comes to mind when you are asked about yourself? What makes you….you?

There are distinct things about a person that makes you POP, that makes your personality. Something about you is different and this makes you feel special and unique.

Think about it this way.. if you asked your friends how they would describe you to another…what would they say?

What are some things that you like? that you can’t live without? or perhaps it something physical that makes you unique? Something you say a lot, a word you use over and over again, or possessions you always have, and NO we are not talking about the iPhone you can’t part with, sorry!

I’ll start and give you some examples using myself… you’re gonna really get to know me today, and thats sorta the purpose!

Ok so here goes, spilling my guts:

I am never seen without my purple water bottle
I have purple hair(at the moment), also dye it black a lot
Guess what, i like purple! and essential oils!
I’m a doTerra wellness Advocate, the wild orange got me hooked its usually in my diffuser but at eh moment its cedar wood to give my space the spa type smell..
I have 4 tattoos and want another real soon, yet when i was in my early 20’s i despised the thought of them and hated that my bf at the time wanted one (it meant so much to him that i bought it for him for his birthday, cause it was imp to him)
I love my yoga pants and sneakers and sports bras
shopping i feel is ONLY necessary when i need something, and even then i have to motivate myself to go! I’ve been known for going shopping with a purpose and coming home with a pair of sneakers, something i don’t need, OH and did i mention without the thing i went to buy? YEAH
Don’t like handbags,shoes, or big labels and real bras annoy me (TMI? sorry!, oh well)
I have 2 different personalities depending on my mood, calm relaxed, and super quiet and the other is loud and clear and you can hear me singing across a room(ask my co-workers)
I love green day since the age of 12 and have been to 6 concerts of theirs
im a foodie and have tried many ways of eating, including raw, raw/vegan, high protein, but never fad diets(don’t believe in them at all) still trying to find the best way for myself, and even then it will forever be changing
i dont’t do fast food and my daughter never has…. yet my first job was burger king at age 16 (go figure)
im strongly opinionated but VERY easy going, i speak out only when necessary and just can’t hold it in..
I love the muppets, and rainbows,
i am determined, passionate, ambitious in all aspects of life and i don’t let anything stop me when I’m on a mission.

So….do you get it now? Its sort of a quick scan of yourself, things that quickly come to mind, that again..make YOU YOU.

I want you to be super clear in what you write down, think about the smallest things that define you… do you have little quirks,? Write em down, pet peeves, or passions? Write em down!

So now that you have that list, really look at and a soak it in. I bet you didn’t know there were so many distinct things about yourself.

there is so much you can look at and i bet you have passions you never knew you had until writing them down, Have you ever thought about taking a passion and doing more with it? We’ll get into that at a later time in another episode..

So the whole purpose of todays episode is to get you to clearly define who you are by thinking about all the details about yourself. Putting them on paper and looking at them, studying them and seeing how you see yourself. Is there more to you then you knew about? Is there something on that list that you are not happy with and want to work on? Remember you don’t have to like it all but you need to know that this is YOU!

I hope i got you to take some action today and put that mind to serious work, its the beginning of a long exciting journey!

so i hope you got to thinking in the episode and i hope you will continue to think and maybe even continue the list as the week goes by. Ask others what they think defines you….the people you are close to and co-workers too. They may all say the same things OR they may surprise you with something you didn’t even think of!

So lets end it here, i hope you have wonderful rest of your day and keep on smiling, cause you’re gorgeous when you do!

xoxo, laurenjean


Welcome to Mommacast:


​​Hi Friends!  I am Lauren-Jean the mommas coach! Specifically single mommas who are struggling through everyday life but I of course believe all mommas could use a little help! 
I believe that Moms all over have the power within them to be strong, healthy, vibrant woment, to help support their families and live a life they are excited for. To wake up each day with a smile on their face!
I envision a world where moms are healthier, more free to do what they love, and can empower their kids to do the same because our kids are our future. ❤
I am a STRONG believer in LOVE... Not falling in love, or loving your family but LOVING yourself and believing in yourself… Too many mommas leave themselves out of the picture. It’s natural to want to help your kids out and do everything you can for them but kids are generally happy, creative, and will LOVE you no matter what!  What I am here for is to help you realize YOU are worth it and you can LOVE yourself without feeling guilty or thinking you don’t deserve it because you do!
In this show i will focus on YOU getting to know yourself, in what make you happy, what makes you thrive, and what keeps you going.  Sorta place for self discovery, i’ll say.  
Topics I am passionate about and believe can help you get to that HAPPY place are self-care and self-love, clean eating, self-development and empowerment, and so much more!  I will be conducting interviews with experts and moms as well once I get the hang of the podcasting thing 🙂
I want you to join out community and believe it to be a place of comfort, and freedom. A place to share your deepest secrets, dreams, and loves. What ever it may be to get you excited! 
So thank you for stopping in! I appreciate you! Please spread the word and subscribe to my new podcast!! I am so excited to be here and have you!
Leave your lovely comments below, i’d love to hear from you!
laurenjean themommascoach



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