image New Podcast Segment!

Hey peeps,

Just thought I would tell ya’ll about the new segment I will be doing on Mommacast.  It will be a conversational piece that myself along with my fellow blogger/health-coach type gal Valerie the health nut will be doing.  She’s not so much about the coaching BUT loves to blog and share her thoughts and experiences.

This coming Sunday will be a show featuring her.  I interviewed her on her story and we chatted about so much more so we had a FABULOUS idea!  Since we talk each Monday and bullshit a ton, we are going to start sharing these chats with you.  Im sure you will love because its all stuff us women think about  but not necessarily stuff we are comfortable talking out loud with even the people we are closest with.  Valerie and I have developed an amazing relationship to the point where we each basically know EVERYTHING about one another.

I cannot wait to start with her, we will be recording the first chat this coming Sunday and I will release it I’m hoping by Thursday or Friday.

Have a topic you want to hear the brutal truth about?  Post it here and we will do our best to include it.

Topics we have considered: sexuality, common health terms (ex.natural), everyday issues, working out, food and recipes, etc. It could be anything.. It’ll be basically a bitch and word vomit session ranging from 30 min to an hour so keep your eyes and ears wide open!

xoxo, lauren and val!


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