image Mommacast- 8 Ways to help your kids self-discover themselves NOW, before they turn into a crazy adult like us

Welcome back to another juicy show!! This week is about helping our kids discover themselves NOW!!! Why wait? We are all curious and discovering ourselves as we get older and learn about it so lets jump in and help the lil ones start early!

Here are 8+ ways to help your kids in self-discovery NOW, before they go crazy like us, their parents…

1 Give them a journal
2 Let them be a part in making their decisions
3 Ask/teach your child how to feel with apps or homemade charts
4 Don’t force them to be in a situation they are uncomfortable in or do something they don’t want to do
5 Don’t force them to eat when they are not hungry
6 Tell them its okay to be different that everyone else, including their friends
7 Talk to them, ask them their favorites and create silly stories with them
8 Don’t make them do things because we are “supposed” to …get out of that head

Always create a family plan of boundaries and rules before putting this into play.

And have fun watching your children become independent and self confident!!!

Xoxo, laurenjean


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