My many paths…

I have taken so many different paths since my daughter first started kindergarten. I enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition her first day of school.  I came home crying and I felt lost without my sweet baby to keep me busy and happy so I went onto Facebook for support and comfort.  And I found IIN…

Wow what a place to be.  It has totally changed my life and opened my eyes to many things. I have changed my career path, although it may be changing again soon, I have changed my entire outlook on life and the way I react to things.  I am a much more positive person but still experience the same situations as I did before.  IIN and my experiences since then has helped shape my entire life and how I now want my life to go.

I went through so many things to get to where I am today…but still not exactly where I want to be, and I can realize that is perfectly ok!  In the past I wanted things right here right now, like most people do in our world today.  People need instant gratification but what I have come to realize is that when you get instant gratification, you are not fully happy and never will be. So therefore I strive to be the best at what I can be at the moment.  In this moment I am the best at relaxing and writing to share the beginning of my story with you.

So… we hear that In our lifetime we change our lives goals or careers seven times.  Damn I’m way past that. I can’t even begin to count anymore.

I started college in 1997 and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC for Design and Communications. I graduated and landed a job close to home in 2001 and then got laid off in 2002 leaving me kind of excited.  Yea…most people don’t get excited at the sound of laid-off.

During the time working my 9-5 marketing job I had started going to the gym regularly after work and taking lots of classes and getting involved in “health” and learning about the body.  I say “health” because this was the start to my search, although at the young age of 23 I had no idea this is where I was headed.  I just though it to be a hobby.

Well that summer I got really involved at the gym and learning as much as I can.  This is when I signed up for AFAA’s personal training certification that only took 1 full weekend to get.  I wanted a certificate so I could get a personal training job at a gym and see where I would go from there.  Before I even started my training I walked into the Bally Total Fitness near my house an inquired about a job, i got it immediately with the promise of a certificate before I began work.

In the fall of 2002 I started working as a floor trainer so I could start to build relationships and get clients.  During my time at Bally’s I learned so much and was determined to make this my full time thing, which I did and it was amazing. I left being one of the top grossing trainers there.  Yes I left while being one of the best…Why?  Because I was unhappy being a number in the company.  This is when I started to realize that the world has a motive and people are about money, not necessarily about helping people.  I hated that feeling so I moved on to find a company that wanted to help others without “selling them” a “feeling” and getting them no real results.

During my search for a deeper feeling of satisfaction at Bally’s, I enrolled in a year long program called MAT which I traveled to NYC for 1 weekend a month. Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) was created by a guy name Greg Roskopf and based out of Colorado. This allowed me to keep training but learn in depth about human anatomy and really start to understand deeper reasons why people experience pain and limitations.  I was so immersed in learning that I never even realized I was also learning about myself, until 12 years later…now.

I could go into everything I did up until this moment, but that would take way to long so…I bring you to the present moment.  I am now sitting here on this couch writing this.

In June of the current year, 2015 I discovered something so huge about myself that I almost feel completely satisfied.  I started connecting moments and feelings in my life such as the Bally and MAT connection where I felt they were separate and I did not think they had a deeper meaning within myself, except for the fact that I wanted to help people more.

I have had so much happen to me in the past 12 years… Married and divorced, married again, had a baby girl and divorced again all the  while having many types of careers/jobs. The only thing really stable in my life was my job at Trader Joe’s and I love it still. I had my girl to keep me busy as well as my job but then when she went off to elementary school I filled that void with IIN and have been busy since then, 2 years ago.

Everything in life happens for a reason, now you may have no idea about this or if you do maybe you haven’t not been able to actually connect them….

This is where I leave you, until next blog…

xoxo, laurenjean


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